Boost your site by making use of a US Located Semi-dedicated Server.

If you realize that your cloud hosting account has stopped being an acceptable service for personal or business web site, but a dedicated server is too expensive and too complex to handle, you’ll be able to benefit from our US–based semi–dedicated servers.

A semi-dedicated server is a a one of a kind mix between a cloud website hosting account and a dedicated server , which supplies the best of the two technologies. It gives you the potential of a dedicated server (minus the common server administration tasks), wrapped in a user–friendly Website Control Panel that is bundled with all of our cloud hosting plans at signup.

And due to their uniqueness, our semi–dedicated servers can be found only in our datacenter in US. It actually was the initial data center where we have been in a position to set up our tailor–made cloud hosting platform plus it offers unrivaled power and cooling options. We have also built a custom internal network based on enterprise–class Juniper routers and switches. This is why, we can ensure a 99.9% network uptime with all of our US Located Semi-dedicated Servers

One of the many features of our US–based semi–dedicated servers is definitely the Masaka Internet Services Website Control Panel. It is bundled free of cost with all semi–dedicated servers and has been meant to operate in the cloud. By doing this, we free your server from needing to power up the Control Panel along with your web sites as well. You can use the whole server strength only for your websites. Moreover, the Website Control Panel is full of free tools and add–ons intended to speed up your website.

Other US Hosting Services

The datacenter in US features loads of web hosting options for all customers with regards to the web sites and web applications they want to run. If you need a brand new home for a extremely popular site or a very CPU hungry application, you could opt for any one of our US Located Dedicated Servers. They feature reputable hardware parts and give a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

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