Even though the hosting service is fundamentally storing your files on a web server, there are many attributes that you can use for your website so as to manage your online presence much better. Through an .htaccess file for example, you could set up password protection folders, forward the traffic from one site to another one, block or allow access to a site based on the IP of the website visitors, and so on. This sort of functions can be set up manually, but in the event that you have no experience or you just want to save some time and efforts, you could employ the advanced tools we have introduced as part of our Hepsia Control Panel. They shall allow you to do not just the aforementioned things easily, but also countless other tasks and several of these tools don't have any match in rival Control Panels.
Advanced Tools in Semi-dedicated Servers
All semi-dedicated server packages that we offer you come with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and due to the fact that the latter is in-house developed, we've included a large number of custom advanced tools within it. They will permit you to manage different aspects of your Internet presence even if you have minimum experience. All instruments share the same user-friendly interface that Hepsia comes with and shall enable you to protect your content from being linked on other Internet sites, set up password protection for a folder, stop one or more IPs from accessing any one of your websites, forward domains with a click, create a .htaccess file anywhere in the account as to use various server directives which you can choose with a few mouse clicks, and a lot more. You'll also be able to handle the PHP configuration of your semi-dedicated server using simple radio buttons and drop-down menus, so you will not need coding skills of any kind to take advantage of the tools that we provide.