When an active domain name expires, it can still be renewed by the present owner for about eight weeks after the expiration and although it will not be active, it cannot be used by someone else. If the domain name is not renewed by that time, however, it enters a 5-day deletion time frame and then it's available to the public. Throughout the deletion period everyone could send a backorder for the domain through an ICANN-licensed registrar and the service provider will use its registry channel in order to make an effort to register the domain on behalf of the user the moment it is available. Since lots of registrars can attempt to get a given domain and names are acquired on first-come, first-serve basis, there's no warranty that using such a computerized service will give you possession over it, however this is the best way to get an appealing domain because trying to register it yourself almost certainly means that you'll be far too late.
Domain Backorder in Semi-dedicated Servers
A domain backorder service is provided with all of our semi-dedicated server packages and you can place your order for a specific name from your Hepsia internet hosting Control Panel. The full list of the domains planned to be deleted will be available in a separate section and you'll be able to browse all of them or filter your search using a few custom filters that we've added like a minimum and maximum length, a domain name extension and an exact expiration date. Through a search box, you will also be able to check whether any expired domain has a specific phrase you're interested in. The money for any unsuccessful order will not be lost and will be present as a credit within your account as we cannot warrant that we will be able to register each domain that you'd like to have using our backorder registrar channel.