A web accelerator is an application which quickens a site, typically by caching its content. There are different sorts of accelerators, but in the typical case this kind of programs cache static content or database responses and provide them in lieu of the hosting server, therefore improving the performance of a website noticeably. The latter is possible because accelerator apps work faster than a hosting server and not only will a website work better, but the server load shall also lessen, which will allow you to run heavy Internet sites with less system resources. We offer three web accelerators with our hosting packages, which will enable you to speed up any sort of website. In comparison, most web hosting providers don't provide any web accelerators or offer one, which limits your choice of web apps in the event that you would like to use this kind of software.
Web Accelerators in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you select one of our semi-dedicated server plans, you'll be able to take advantage of Varnish, Memcached and Node.js - 3 powerful web accelerators. Varnish is a multi-purpose program that caches websites the first time a site visitor opens them and delivers them instead of the web server if the website visitor opens them again nearly 300% more quickly. Memcached caches API and database calls and responses so the hosting server doesn't need to process every request, that makes it suitable for database-driven websites, for example ones developed with Joomla or WordPress. Node.js is employed to develop web programs which work in real-time including chats or accommodation booking portals and it processes each bit of data as soon as the user enters it rather than waiting for big portions of info to be accumulated. The Hepsia CP that is provided with our semi-dedicated solutions shall permit you to pick how many instances of every accelerator shall work at a time and what amount of memory they will use.